The group really knows how to make a guy feel welcome…

We surrender.

fear the hunters

Anonymous: Can you put all the links to all the shots in the season five tailor to twd?
elemenohspooky: (Sorry this isn't a request) But I was wondering, do you have a clear picture of the symbol on the back of the car that took Beth and the one that Carol and Daryl took off after? I thought it was a cross, but my friend says he's sure it's like a medical symbol. (like EMS) Don't really need a picture, but I was just wondering if you knew?

Can’t seem to get the image upload to work in this reply but here’s a pic -

I really can’t work out what it is, I’d say it’s probably not a religious cross but I don’t think it’s a medical symbol either :P I imagine it’s gonna have a completely different meaning to what anyone will predict

I was at the prison. With the Governor. I didn’t know who he was or what he could do. And I didn’t know who all of you were. I just didn’t want it to be hidden. That I was there. You’re here with us now.

"What have you done? We’ve all done something."

TWD Kill Counters per episode - 5x02

Kills by the rest of the group;

Abraham Ford - 0

Eugene Porter - 0

Gabriel Stokes - 0

Glenn Rhee - 0

Maggie Greene - 0

Rosita Epinosa - 0

Tara Chambler - 0

Tyreese - 0

Other Stats;

Total walker kills - 18

Total human kills - 0

Most commonly used weapon - Knives

Most human kills - N/A

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TWD Kill of the Week - 5x02

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Don’t fuck with the boys, they’ll fuck back.